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March Events at the Committee for the Study of Religion

March 3: Bryan Turner (Sociology, The Graduate Center)
“Islamophobia versus Islamofascism: The Role of Advocacy Concepts in Sociology” March 9: Shehzad Nadeem (Sociology, Lehman College and the Graduate Center)
“Bourgeois Bodies: How Yoga was Made Middle Class and Modern” March 16: Jon Keller (Government, Manhattan College)
“Happiness in the Old Testament” March 30: Matthew Baxter (Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University)
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October Events at the Committee for the Study of Religion

October 2nd
Note: this event takes place on Friday, 2pm in the Sociology Lounge
Tom Barnes, Loren B. Landau, and Caroline Wanjiku Kihato
Rising and Declining Cities: A Comparison of Detroit, Melbourne, and Johannesburg October 7th
Colin Samson
Versions of Happiness and Success Under Settler Colonialism: Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Continuity Against Neoliberal Dispossession October 14th
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