Fall 2016

*All events are in Room 5307, on Wednesdays, 12:30-2pm, unless otherwise noted*

August 31
Bryan Turner “Secularization and Modernity”

September 7
Vincenzo Cicchelli “From Globalization to Cosmopolitanism”

September 14
Robert Geraci “Religious Rites and Scientific Communities: Ayudha Puja as ‘Culture’ in Indian Laboratories and Industry”

September 21
Reading Group, Charles Taylor “Religion Today”

September 28
Elayne Oliphant “The Privilege of Christianity in the French Public Sphere”

October 5
Brenna Moore 
“’You are Friendship Itself, You are Love Itself’: Intimacy and Catholicism After Secularism”

October 19
Marnia Lazreg “Gaming God: Gender, Veiling and Nostagia in a Time of Crisis”

October 26
Bahar Tabakoglu “In the Nexus of Politics, Belief, Class and Identity: Constellations of Religion in the Turkish and Indian Contexts”

November 2
Challenge of Pluralism Conference 

November 9
Daniel Peterson 
“Islamising Regional Regulations in Post-Soeharto Indonesia”

November 16
Mirjam Kuenkler “State, Constitution and Law: Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde’s political and legal thought in context”

November 23
Meira Levinson “Cognitive implications of religious diversity and fantastic rhetoric in children’s and young adult literature”

November 30
Stephanie Lou Jackson
, “Manifesting the ‘Universal Mother’, Invoking Secularism and the Subaltern: Music and Spirit Mediumship as Modalities of Indo-Caribbean Religious and Racial Transformation”

December 7
Rebecca Karam 
“Making Muslim Americans: Parenting Practices, Parochial Schools, and the Transmission of Faith Across Generations in Metropolitan Detroit”

December 14
Gordon Dale “Public Reasoning and Liquid Modernity in Contemporary Haredi Jewish Musical Life”