Fall 2015

*All events are in Room 5307, on Wednesdays, 12:30-2pm, unless otherwise noted

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9/2: Bryan Turner: “Personal Happiness and Successful Societies: An Improbable Theme”

9/9: Iakovos Vasiliou: “Ancient Conceptions of Happiness”

9/16: Yuri Contreras-Vejar & John Torpey: “The Debate Over ‘World Religions’ Among Twentieth Century German Intellectuals”

9/30: Anna A. Akasoy: “Happiness in Medieval Islamicate Philosophy: Conceptual and Practical Problems”

10/2: Tom Barnes, Loren B. Landau, and Caroline Wanjiku Kihato: “Rising and Declining Cities: A Comparison of Detroit, Melbourne, and Johannesburg” (Friday, 2pm, Sociology Lounge)

10/7: Colin Samson: “Versions of Happiness and Success Under Settler Colonialism: Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Continuity Against Neoliberal Dispossession”

10/14: Stephanie Petinos: “Seeking Holiness: The Contribution of Eleven Vernacular Narrative Texts from the 12th to the 14th Centuries”

10/21: Jessica Rosenfeld: “Arts of Happiness and Love: Translating Aristotle’s Ethics in the Later Middle Ages”

10/28: Valentina Napolitano: Migrant Hearts and the Atlantic Return: Transnationalism and the Roman Catholic Church

11/4: Terry Burke: “Religion and Secularism in the Mediterranean, A Deep Historical Approach”

11/11: Hilmar Pabel: “In Search of Happiness in the Thought of Erasmus of Rotterdam”

11/18: William Connell: “Machiavelli and St. Francis of Assisi: A Surprising Connection”

12/2: Graduate Panel on the History of Happiness: Megan Hill and Davide Colasanto

12/9: Bernadette McCauley: “‘Why a Nun?’: American Women Religious and Vocation, 1809-1970”

12/16: Aaron Weinstein: “Truth, Justice, and the American Way: Political Religions in America, Then and Now”

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