Spring 2015

February 4 Jonathan Keller “Bible and the American Civil War”

February 11th Graduate Student Workshop, featuring Kyle Francis and Jeffrey Culang with Anna Akasoy as respondent

February 18 Grad Student Workshop, featuring Yunus Dogan Telliel and Joanna Tice

February 25 Kaspar Villadsen “From Religious to State Welfare: reflections on Foucault and Governmentality”

March 4 Said Arjomand “Islam as a World Religion and Developmental Paths in the Islamicate Civilization”

March 13 Conference: Protestantism and the Making of Nation States

March 18 Carla Bellamy “Neoliberalism, Political Hinduism, and a New God in a New India”

March 25 Karen Miller “The Frontier and National Integration in the 1930s Philippines: Mindanao Muslims, Christian Settlement, and Struggles over Land Tenure”

April 1 Melina McAlister “Congo Crisis: US Evangelicals, Congolese Christians, and the Politics of Race and Decolonization, 1960-64”

April 15 Yunus Dogan Telliel TBA

April 22 Nathaniel Berman “In a Place Parallel to God”: The Draft, the Demonic, and the Conscientious Cubist IN 5109

April 24 “Protestantism and Aesthetics” with John Torpey, Tommy Chung, Sarah Covington, Angela Van Haelen, William Dyrness, and Kathryn Reklis

April 27 Ana Stuven TBA

April 29 Saygun Goskariksel “Purification by Sacrifice”: Politics of Truth, Memory, and Accusations of “Collaboration” with the Communist-era Secret Service in Poland

May 1 The Politics of Eschatology and Religious Movements Symposium

May 6 Philip Bohlman “On the Origin of Nations: Sacred Music and Religious Nationalism”

May 13 Rosario Forlenza “Secularization from Within: Political Catholicism in Perspective”




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