Spring 2017

February 1
Yuri Contreras-Vejar and Bryan Turner “Happiness: Ancient and Modern”

February 8
Katrina Wheeler “Enlightened Psalms: Huguenot Preaching in the Eighteenth Century”

February 22
Justin Steinberg “Spinoza on Toleration, Anticlericalism, and the Psychosocial Bases of Ideological Corruption”

March 1 – 6:00-7:30pm
Jean Cohen “On the Genealogy and Legitimacy of the Politically Liberal-Democratic Secular Polity: Bockenforde and the Asadians”

March 8
Omri Elisha “Dancing the Word: Technique as Embodied Authority in Contemporary Christian Dance Ministry”

March 15
James Padilioni Jr. “Social Media Spiritualism and (Post)modern Ontologies: Practicing Brujeria Online”

March 22
Emily Crandall “Epistemologies of Ignorance and Evangelical Debates over Climate Science”

March 29
Qasim Haq “Framing American Muslim Identity”

April 5
Uday Mehta

April 19
Sarah Covington “Precursory Modernity: Dilemmas of the Early Modernist (1400-1700)”

April 26
Sirine Mechbal 

May 3
The Protestant Reformation and Human Rights Conference with History Department

May 10
Jaeeun Kim “Seeking Asylum, Finding God: Asylum-Seeking on Religious Grounds and the Politics of Deservingness in the Era of Probationary Citizenship”

May 17
Edna Aisenberg “Borges, Judaism, and Latin American Modernity”