Fall 2017


September 6 
Welcome and Introduction
“Religion, Class, and Social Order”

September 13
David Biale (History and Jewish Studies, UC Davis)
“The Place of Heresy in the Social Order of Judaism”

September 20
No seminar – No courses scheduled at CUNY

September 27
Arolda Elbasani (Centre for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYU)
“Governing Muslim-Majority and Plural Societies in New Democracies”

October 4
Stephen Spencer (English, Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Sectarianism and the Christian Philosophy of Enjoyment in Revolutionary England”

October 11
Ari L. Goldman 
(Faculty School of Journalism, Columbia University)
“All the Religion That’s Fit to Print: How the press covers matters of faith”

October 18
Shaul Magid (Religious Studies, Indiana University) 
“Violence, Power, and Desecration of the Social Order as a Holy Act”

October 25
Philip Gorski (Sociology, Yale) 
“Book Discussion – American Covenant: A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present”

November 1
Steven M. Cohen
(Social Policy Research, HUC-JIR) 
Busting the Norms, Breaking the Boundaries: Two Generations of Change in American Jewish Identity”

November 8
Manu Bhagavan
 (History, Hunter College)
“Beyond the Nation: Ambedkar and the Anti-Isolation of Fellowship”

November 15
Elizabeth Hawley (Art History, Graduate Center, CUNY) 
“John Sloan and Tonita Peña: Painting, Politics, and Pueblo Preservation”

November 22
Robert Maryks (History, Boston College) 
“From the Yssel Valley to Manresa: Ignatius of Loyola (d. 1556) and Modern Religiosity”

November 29
Riley Kellogg
(Religious Studies, Hunter College)
“Strange Bedfellows: Religion, Law, and Politics in the American Healthcare Arena”

December 6
Douaa Sheet
(Anthropology, Graduate Center, CUNY)
“The Influence of Differential Conceptions of Dignity on Transitional Justice Efforts in Post-uprising Tunisia”